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Creu Celta and Terra Sagrada come from Salanques, one of the coolest ‘climats’ in Priorat. The area is a virtual viticultural ‘paradise’ and the McAlindon family established a vineyard in this region in 2003.

Creu Celta is an expression of the traditional grapes of the region. It is a mixture of very old vines (60 – 80 years) plus maturing vines planted nearly 20 years ago. With each passing year Creu Celta is delivering greater complexity and voluptuousness.

Terra Sagrada is an expression of the noble Syrah grape variety. Traditionally found in the Rhône, this variety excels in the demanding slate based soils of Priorat.

Today Priorat is producing some of the world’s greatest wines and both Creu Celta and Terra Sagrada aspire to join these ranks.


When we first conceived of Creu Celta, it was important that we used imagery that had a strong link with our homeland.

The symbol for Creu Celta (meaning ‘Celtic Cross’ in Catalan) is inspired by the exceptional 15th Century High Cross found on Devenish Island in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

The Vineyard

The vineyard is planted in the traditional Llicorella soil, a type of slate. The vines have to struggle to survive in this dry mountainous climate, but those that do yield exceptionally concentrated fruit, which give complex and long lived wines.

The vineyard contains 60-80 year old Garnatxa (Grenache) vines and in 2003/04 terracing was created which allowed more planting to occur. More Garnatxa, some Samsó (Carignan) and a little Syrah were selected.

  • Garnatxa is the key grape of the region, and is the classic Mediterranean red grape. It offers red fruits, spice and in the right terroir produces ‘world class’ wines.
  • Samsó thrives in Priorat. It is a great blending partner to Garnatxa due to its tannin, acidity and colour.
  • Syrah whilst not native to the region adds depth, dark fruit and complexity.



Creu Celta

A Garnacha (Grenache) based red, it is full flavoured with chocolate, cherry, plum with spice and pepper. Pine and smoked nuances lead through to  a rich, complex and satisfying finish.

Food match : Great with steak, slow cooked meat dishes and hard cheese varieties. Also wonderful with many vegan and vegetarian recipes such as nut roasts, mushroom dishes, stews and curries.

To maximise enjoyment decant before serving.

For more information, telephone: 028 9050 8000.


Terra Sagrada

Terra Sagrada is a small production 100% pure Syrah (Shiraz) red. Full and rich with dark fruit flavours. Sweet blueberry and savoury black olive notes are underpinned by smoky and mineral nuances.

Food match : works well with many rich and full flavoured dishes including vegan and vegetarian recipes. It also shines with slow cooked meats, steak and hard cheese varieties.

To maximise enjoyment decant before serving.

For more information, telephone: 028 9050 8000.


Creu Celta

2015 is perhaps one of the best for Creu Celta! Based on Garnaxta (Grenache) with some Syrah, it is rich, complex and full bodied. Opulent dark spicy fruit flavours are lifted by a fresh finish.

All fruit has been sourced exclusively from our vineyard in Salanques, one of the coolest ‘terroirs’ in Priorat.

Our old Garnaxta vines are complemented with vines planted in 2003-04. These are gaining a lovely maturity.

The label and packaging has been re-designed to reflect a more contemporary, simple and ‘artisan’ approach to the production of Creu Celta.

Food Match: Great with Steak, slow cooked meat dishes, firm and hard cheeses and dark chocolate.

For more information, telephone: 028 9050 8000.

For more information, telephone: 028 9050 8000.


Vinedos McAlindon e Hijos Creu Celta Selección Especial Viñas Viejas 2007, Priorat, Spain

Creu Celta

The 2007 is a very special wine made in a brilliant year and produced mainly from a parcel of very old Carignan. Now, over 12 years old it really shows how a decade has added to this sumptuous wine. We reckon the wine will be drinking beautifully for at least another 8-10 years!

This tiny production wine is 70% Samso (Carignan) and 30% Syrah & Garnacha. The Syrah & Garnacha were vinified together and the Samso separately. It was 100% aged in new oak of which 80% was French: Tronçais & Allier. 30-40% of the wine was fermented in barrels whilst the rest was fermented in Stainless Steel.

Tasting Notes : Rich, layered and concentrated the 2007 offers the hallmark Priorat notes and aromas of chocolate, cherry, plum, pine and smoky nuances.

Food Match: The perfect wine with Steak, slow cooked meat dishes, firm and hard cheeses and dark chocolate.

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